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NAIFA-Wisconsin and FPA Collaborative Events

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Upcoming NAIFA-Wisconsin and FPA Collaborative Events:

Working With Widows
November 10, 2021

3:00 - 5:00 PM CST

Join us for this virtual collaborative event!
A third of women who become widowed are younger than age 60, and half of all women who will become widowed become so by age 65 (Source: Women’s Institute for a Secure Retirement).

 What role do you play when your client loses a spouse and what technical and personal sides of money do you need to understand to best service your client? This case study will evaluate a mid-life widow scenario and explore legal, financial, and emotional considerations. Attendees will also learn how the Certified Financial Transitionist® (CeFT®) approach can be utilized for widows.

 Collaborative learning is where a problem is presented and you and your peers jointly develop solutions. Not only are you hearing ideas and solutions, you’re sharing them. You’ll work with attorneys, CPAs, Financial Planners, Insurance and Risk Management experts and perhaps talented experts you never considered.

A few days prior to the event you will receive a confirmation notice with the case study. During the virtual event you’ll be randomly assigned to a breakout room and collaboratively your group will discuss concerns and develop solutions. We’ll share findings and hear from experts Brooke Napiwocki, CFP®, MBA and Laura Barry, CFP®, CeFT®, CLTC®.

 FPA WI, NAIFA WI, SFSP and CFLCW will host different Collaborative Learning events with varying topic throughout the year. All topics require multiple disciplines and incredible networking opportunities. Registration is FREE for everyone that attends.

 1 CFP® and WI Ins CE Credits